SRLA Volunteers at LA Marathon

Our SRLA team had the opportunity to host the LA Marathon Mile 5 Water Stop in Echo Park on Sunday.  We had a great time handing out water and Nuun sports drink to the runners.  We are usually so busy running that we don’t get a chance to see the Elite runners; they were so fast!  While at the water stop the kids also had a chance to cheer on some of our SRLA coaches, former runners and parents who competed: Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Marcel (our LNSD Board Member), Mr. Alvarado & Atziri Alvarado Valdez, and Ms. Limon. 

Thanks to Ms. Chavez who got us the super cool gig and all our volunteers – the Chavez Family, Lola Andrade & Dad, Gutierrez Family, Hennesy Limas & Family, Jayleen Monge & Family, Nidia Palacios & Family, Irene Ramirez & Family, Ms. Fontenot, Mr. Corona, Ms. Lam & Aiden, and Mr. Zelaya.