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Los Nietos Middle School Vision Statement
Los Nietos Middle School believes in developing a collegial culture. We provide rigorous curriculum that assists ALL students in mastering state content standards. We maintain high expectations and respect for students, staff, families and community members.
Los Nietos Middle School Mission Statement
At Los Nietos Middle School, we value the rights and responsibilities of citizenship,
collaborative effort and active learning. We strive to show that we value diversity, respect cultural and linguistic differences, and believe that all students are imminently educable. We hold both staff and students accountable for their work.
We provide curriculum and instruction that meet or exceed state standards. As a schoolwide Title I school, we seek to meet the needs of all students, including special education students, general education students, English language learners, Gifted and Talented Education students, and those students who are at‐risk. Our schedule of class offerings fluctuates each trimester, as the needs of our students change. We believe in purposeful staff development opportunities that empower teachers, classified staff and administration to be life‐long learners practicing to perfect our craft. As our assessment and standards drive our curriculum, teachers use this information to differentiate and modify instruction in order for our students to reach proficiency.
Our Mascot: The Mighty Brave
A Fighting Spirit
Works Hard
Does Not Give Up
Accepts Challenges
Has High Expectations for Self and Others
School Colors: Blue and Yellow