Braves across campus will be celebrating Computer Science Week 2021 by participating in a variety of technology driven activities. Classes will be using the Hour of Code and Khan Academy websites to learn more about coding.  Check out these links to some fun dance party videos that our students coded.

Even though there are a lot of computer science jobs that go unfilled, the majority of schools in the US don't teach computer science, only 35% of schools in the nation teach Computer Science classes.  Los Nietos Middle School STEAM Academy is one of the few middle schools that teach classes in Computer Science.  LNMS STEAM Academy has 2 Computer Science elective classes! Our semester long Coding class, taught by Ms. Chavez, offers students a chance to learn to code a websitecreate a video game and participate in our Project Lead the Way's - App Creator curriculum.   Our year-long MESA class, taught by Ms. Ramirez, has student participating in Project Lead the Way's - Computer Science for Innovators and makers curriculum.  For a small school we have a lot going on in the STEAM fields. 


Click one of the links below to try your hand at coding.