8th Graders Participate in the Diversity Summit Hosted by the City of Santa Fe Springs

Eighth graders attended a Diversity Summit the last week of March and were challenged to think differently about critical teen issues as well as encouraged to make a difference in the lives of others. Students participated in a teacher-led reflection session after the assembly to debrief and commit to one way that they would promote inclusivity like:

*Sitting next to someone who was alone at lunch
*Including other students in activities
*Defending those who are being bullied and/or
*Participating in community service.

Ms. Stephanie Armstrong, the incredible guest speaker, has shared the TEEN TRUTH'S message with over 20,000 students across North America and our LNMS students were fortunate to be counted among the growing number of students who hear her insightful message. She helped students to realize that their body image was not about how they looked and that it related to how one perceives him or herself. Students were reminded that it was their responsibility to be kind and respectful, compliment others often, and to be aware of how their words and actions affect others.

Thank you to our sister city, Santa Fe Springs, for including our students in this important assembly that challenged our thinking and gave us strategies for becoming better citizens. We appreciate the support from Mr. Thaddeus McCormack (City Manager), Mr. Dino Torres (Director of Police Services) and Mr. Richard Brown (Youth Intervention Program Coordinator) for making this opportunity to learn and grow possible.