Surplus Property (“7/11”) Committee Interest & Application

Surplus Property (“7/11”) Committee Application
Pursuant to Education Code Section 17388, before excess real property is sold or leased, the Governing Board of a school district must appoint an Advisory Committee to advise the Governing Board on the disposition of the property. Education Code Section 17389 requires that the Advisory Committee be composed of not less than seven (7) and no more than eleven (11) members, and must be representative of specific groups within the community. This commonly is called a Surplus Property “7-11” Committee. The Los Nietos School District (“District”) is currently forming a Surplus Property “7-11” Committee. If you would like to participate and are qualified, we invite you to apply to be a member of the Committee. The purpose of this Committee is to review and analyze District property to determine whether it should be designated as surplus and, if so, what the District should do with the property. Specifically, the Committee will be reviewing the District’s Education Center Property which is made up of multiple parcels and identified as follows:
Approximately 21.87 acres (952,642 sq. ft) of land located at and around 8324 S. Westman Ave., 8533 Duchess Dr., 8508 Alburtis Ave., 11462 Slauson Ave., and 11600 Aeolian St., Whittier, CA 90606; Assessor Parcel Numbers (APNs): 8169-020-901, 8169-020-902, 8169-020-903, 8169-020-904, 8178-023-900, 8178-025-901, and 8178-025-902 (the “Property”)
The Committee will establish a priority list for the use(s) of the Property, consider community input on acceptable uses, and forward its recommendations to the Governing Board. The Governing Board will then consider the Committee’s recommendations and decide what to do with the Property. To this end, the District is soliciting applications from the residents within the District’s boundaries for the formation of the District’s Surplus Property “7-11” Committee. Members of the Committee serve only on a voluntary basis.
NOTE: To be considered for membership, applicants must live within Los Nietos School District boundaries, but cannot own properties within 500 feet of the Property.
If you are interested, please complete the following information and submit a brief statement as to why you are interested in participating on the Committee, how your background and/or experiences will assist the Committee, and any clarifying information as to the categories you have selected to represent. 
Click the below application for more information and to apply.  Due to the district by May 17, 2024.