"A Dose of Reality" Assembly Message Reminds Students to Remain Drug Free on January 25, 2012

Triangle Distributing Company in Santa Fe Springs sponsored the student assembly presented by Linda Dutil. Linda Dutil serves as an Emergency Room Nurse in the state of Maine. She brought her message to students to share what happens when individuals make poor choices that lead to drug overdoses or alcohol poisoning. She detailed how illegal street drugs impact the body, both internally and outwardly.

Her advise to students was to make a choice to help your friends if you know that they use drugs or drink alcohol, even when they say not to tell. She elaborated that telling someone and getting a friend help can save their life.

With Gratitude:
*Thank you to Susan Sanzone and Tom Morgan (Social Responsibility Representatives) from Traingle Distributing Company for bringing students this important assembly.
*Thank you to student Karina Jimenez (simulated nurse's assistant) and student Tommy Collins (simulated patient) for serving as volunteers.
*Thank you Nurse Dutil for visiting and supporting our school!