Hot Cocoa with Principal Cardenas on March 6, 2012

Teachers worked hard to prepare students for success on the 7th Grade Writing Test that was administered on March 6th. Mrs. Jessica Sullivan, Mr. Gabe Jauregui, Mr. Arturo Urista, Ms. Carlee Moyer, and Mrs. Marian Mahon (our outstanding teachers) knew that students would do best if they took the test on the first day of testing. March 7th was reserved for make up testing for any student who was absent the previous day.

Prior to testing, Mrs. Cardenas advised parents that there was an expectation that all students be in attendance on the day of testing and that they needed to arrive on time. She also publicized to students that anyone present on the day of the writing test would be eligible to meet with her during 6th period and participate in “Hot Cocoa with Cardenas.” Her desire was to motivate all students to attend school to meet the participation rate criteria, in addition to showing their astute knowledge of how to respond to an on demand writing prompt presented in any genre. As it turned out, only one student was absent on March 6th due to illness. What a great tribute to teaching and learning! Our students are committed and collectively work hard to achieve greatness.

A Special Thanks To:
*Ms. Vas (guidance intern) and Mr. Sandoval (substitute teacher) for mixing up 10 gallons of hot cocoa.
*The LNMS Cafeteria Team for sharing the kitchen, assisting with clean up, and for making delicious brownies.
*Mr. Johnny Lopez (volunteer) for manning the chocolate lovers line.
*Superintendent Vasquez for dribbling chocolate over marshmallows.
*Mrs. Jessica Sullivan for helping to serve hot cocoa. Thank you for organizing ASB students to scoop marshmallows and serve cups of cocoa too.
*ASB student workers who assisted during the event.
*Mr. Oscar Sanchez, for providing music and helping prepare for the event.
*Ms. Shirley Ramirez for supervising students inside and outside of the cafeteria.