Los Nietos Middle School to Undergo Facilities Upgrades Beginning at the End of May 2012 and Ending at the End of August 2012

In June of 2008, the Los Nietos Community voted to approve a $31.1 million dollar bond measure entitled Measure M. The Measure M Bond Initiative asked Los Nietos residents to authorize the Los Nietos School District to “upgrade classrooms and security, improve safety and school sites, renovate outdated restrooms, and replace roofs by issuing up to $31, 140,000.00 in bonds”.

With 71% of the Los Nietos Community voting to approve the initiative, the Los Nietos School District began the facilities upgrades by first replacing the perimeter fencing at all four Los Nietos Schools. The replacing of underground pipes, wiring, and plumbing began in the summer months of 2009 with Ada S. Nelson School, followed by summer work in 2010 at Rancho Santa Gertrudes School, and concluding with summer work that began in 2011 at Aeolian School and the Los Nietos School District Office. During the summer of 2012, additional work at Rancho Santa Gertudes and Aeolian School will take place.

Additionally, beginning at the end of May 2012, the Los Nietos Middle School will begin a long overdue underground renovation project. Originally built in the 1940’s, the “Los Nietos School”, as it was called back then, has virtually remained the same with few underground infrastructure upgrades being made. The underground utilities project is scheduled to take four months to complete in order to be ready on September 4, 2012, the opening day of the new school year.

To demonstrate the scope of work that will be completed this summer at the Los Nietos Middle School, shown at right are pictures of the previous renovation school projects at Aeolian, Nelson, Rancho Santa Gertrudes, and at the Los Nietos School District.