Los Nietos Middle School continues the tradition of visiting amazing historical sites in Washington DC and New York!

After many months of fundraising and anticipation, the trip of a lifetime was finally realized!  On May 22, 2012 a group of 23 Los Nietos Middle School students departed Whittier en route to an educational experience of a lifetime visiting Washington DC and New York.  The student group was led by Jacqueline Ramirez(Program Coordinator), Mrs. Chavez, and  Ms. Eileen Ramirez.  Main historical sites visited in Washington DC were the White House, the Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Monument, Korean Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Einstein Memorial, Holocaust Museum, and the Jefferson Memorial,


Los Nietos Middle School students acquired a clearer understanding about how our national government works and they were able to touch American history through the many attractions they visited.  Students were specifically touched at the World War II memorial when they were able to meet WWII Veterans and ask questions.  They also had the unique opportunity to stand at the steps of the beautiful Lincoln Memorial and recite the famous speech “ I have a dream…”  Other interesting and fun attractions were Mount Vernon, Arlington Cemetery, and the Pentagon Memorial. 


The trip concluded with a guided tour of  New York City.  Major attractions visited were Wall Street, Statue of Liberty, 911 Memorial, Times Square, Empire State Building and a walk through Central Park.  They also enjoyed the Spiderman Broadway Musical.


On behalf of the Los Nietos Middle School DC students, we would like to thank Mrs. Cardenas, Mr. Jonathan Vazquez, the Los Nietos School Board, Claudia Fonseca, Jessica Sullivan, and Mrs. Tortarolo for their continued support. We couldn’t have done it without you!