Healthy Bodies are a Top Priority at LNMS on September 21, 2012

This year Los Nietos Middle School continues to partner with Whittier Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital (PIH) as part of the “Healthy Los Nietos Project.” Last year PIH gave our District a $25,000.00 grant to help support our students, families, and school staff lead a healthier and more physically active life. A needs assessment was conducted in the spring of 2012 and informed the education topics to be presented by resident doctors this year to students, parents, and the LNMS staff. Some of the topics include: healthy-eating choices, drug awareness, family life, the importance of exercising, and the State mandated health topics that need to be taught in the public schools.

During the last two weeks of September, a team of medical residents, doctors, and nurses from PIH measured students’ height and weight as part of calculating their Body Mass Index (BMI). Notwithstanding, blood pressure checks were administered. The data collected will be used to help provide information to our partners at Presbyterian Hospital on what type of support, topics, and education our students and families might need. We are extremely grateful for this partnership and know that PIH has the best interest of students at heart for an overall healthy and positive school experience.

A Special Note of Thanks to:

Ruby Srao, MD
Donna King, RN
Violeta Recalde, MD
Ingrid Patsch, MD
Kim Romig, LCSW