LNMS Welcomed Dr. Jonathan Olumoya, Special Guest, at the Coffee with the Principal on 11/30/12

Parents welcomed Dr. Olumoya from Presbyterian Hospital as the special guest speaker. His ever-timely topic on the effects of hypertension, or high blood pressure, was informative. He reminded all that hypertension is the most common medical condition in the United States. Dangers include when cholesterol builds up on the arteries, which can lead to congestive heart failure. Heart disease accounts for 75% of strokes and/or heart attacks. Other dangers include damage to the organs like the brain, kidney, or heart. He described common symptoms of high blood pressure to include:

*drowsiness or dizziness

*vision problems



*flushed face

He recommended lifestyle changes and treatment to prevent or counteract high blood pressure. Adopting a healthy eating plan, leading an active lifestyle, in addition to maintaining a healthy weight were suggested. Other recommendations included reducing sodium intake, drinking alcohol in moderation, and taking prescribed medication as directed.


A special thank you to the teams of doctors and nurses from PIH that met individually with students at LNMS to take Body Mass Index (BMI) and blood pressures of students to help identify and prevent students health concerns. Also, we are indebted to the Care Force One mobile clinic that assessed Los Nietos School District staffs well-being. We are fortunate to count on our partnership with Presbyterian Hospital as part of our Healthy Los Nietos partnership.  


Be certain to get medical check ups regularly so that your physician can monitor your health!