Two Extraordinary LNMS Teachers Graduate from the Beginning Teacher Support (BTSA) Program on May 16, 2013

At the BTSA Colloquium held on May 16, 2013, two LNMS teachers were recognized for completing all requirements of the Beginning Teacher Support (BTSA) Program. The two year BTSA Induction Program included class sessions, as well as formative assessment and reflection with their Teacher Support Provider. Throughout the year, they collected, analyzed, and reflected on data related to their students' performance. Clearly, Mrs. Lam and Ms. Moyer demonstrated that their pedagogy, coupled with effective teaching strategies, made a manifest difference in students' achievement of learning goals. Congratulations to Marion Lam and Carlee Moyer on the successful completion of the BTSA Program!


*LNMS would like to extend a word of gratitude to Ms. Denise Duran, BTSA Support Provider and Mentor, for her time, tireless support, and dedication that aided the teachers with program completion.

*Thank you to Ms. Carroll McCrory for speaking on behalf of Mrs. Lam's and Ms. Moyer's dedication and for presenting them with their esteemed diplomas.