Huge Parent Turn Out at Back-To-School Night on September 5, 2013

The visibility of parents was evident at the Back-To-School Night event at Los Nietos Middle School on Thursday, September 5, 2013. The evening began with a general welcome in the auditorium by Jacqueline Cardenas, Principal. Staff members and specials guests learned about high achieving school. Of worthy mention was that the school has achieve an API of 800, is not in Program Improvement, and has sustained three consecutive years of a perfect 10 on the Similar Schools Ranking.

Visitors followed their student’s schedule and met core teachers. Classroom expectations, procedures, assignments, homework, assessments, state Standards, and instructional materials were discussed. With the amount of support demonstrated, no doubt the LMNS Braves will have another productive and successful year.

A Note of Thanks to:

*PTC President Ofie Torres for hosting pizza/refreshment table
*Ms. Marisa Hernandez (Board President) and Silvia Monge (Board Member) for visiting the Home of the Braves
*Our partners from Presbyterian Hospital for providing information booths for our families
*Nutrition Services Team for providing freebies, fruit, and healthy-portioned cookies