The Amazing Memories of 2014

The yearbook is going to be a wonderful memory book of every single fun part of middle school. The yearbook price is $30.00 They will be sent out during the month of May to those students that purchased a yearbook.


Some fun sections about the yearbook are the 8th grade sections like the baby pictures, and the 8th grade favorites. Our yearbook makers spent a lot of their time putting the yearbook together. It was a hard process, but all students did their job, and it all became a success.


Now you're wondering, “Why do I want a yearbook?” Well, it is not just going to be all about 8th grade, it also has a bunch of 7th grade activities. So, don't worry 7th graders you are also in it.


Some of the things that are going to be in the yearbook besides 8th, and 7th grade activities they are going to be pictures of sports, pictures of our trip to Catalina Island, and Washington DC.


So come on and purchase a yearbook, so your memories will always be with you.