It's A Tie!

Graves Middle School, WHITTIER- All season long both LNMS and GMS have been undefeated. In 4 games, GMS scored 24 goals while LNMS had scored 12 goals. Another hurdle LNMS encountered was that we lost 8 crucial players due to horrible grades.

Despite all of the difficulties we squeaked away with a TIE!

The first half was nerve wrecking because both of the teams records were on the line. Both teams were playing like it was there last.

Los Nietos finally jumped to the lead in the second half thanks to Dabid H.'s shot the ball from long distance in a penalty kick. It was a nail biter but we held them to a tie. Both teams are still undefeated with one tie.

Great job LNMS and good job GMS.

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