Los Nietos Middle School and Hillview Middle School: Who Won?

Hillview Middle School-WHITTIER- Los Nietos boys soccer team played a tough game against Hillview. During the first quarter, the teams were pretty slow. Two goals were made during the first half by Hillview.

Coach Valencia was anxious because LNMS has been undefeated. Los Nietos' defense was the weakest part of the team.

The second half, 3 goals were made in 3.5 minutes. The first goal was made by Andrew Cantu, which barely went in the goal. The second goal was made by Chris Garcia, by accident who hit the ball with his knee and made it in. The third and final goal was a penalty kick made by Chris Martinez.

Although our goalkeeper, Erwin Manriquez, missed two goals, our LNMS midfielders and forwards made a huge comeback in 3.5 minutes. 


Los Nietos Middle School stayed undefeated and hopefully will stay undefeated.