We arrived in Boston after an overnight flight from LAX.  After breakfast we went to Plimoth (phonetic spelling from the pilgrims) Plantation and we saw the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians. It was a good experience to see how they lived and how the Pilgrims messed up the living conditions of the Wampanoag Indians. Both groups spoke differently and it was interesting to listen to them. The Pilgrims wanted the Wampanoag Indians to be their slaves and wanted them to have a different living condition. We spent most of the morning walking around where the Wampanoag lived and we asked a lot of questions like: “How long does it take them to build their houses?” And “What weapons did they use to go kill the animals?” We learned a lot about them on the plantation.

       After we left the plantation, we went to the Mayflower II and saw Plymouth Rock.  Many kids even touched the Atlantic Ocean!

                                                          -Andres Q.

New York

         On Sunday, March 23, we woke up early in Boston ate breakfast in the hotel then we headed off to New York. It was about a three-hour drive but most of the students slept because we were so tired.  When we finally arrived at New York, our first stop was Central Park. Our tour guide gave us lots of information about it and at one point at the park; we stumbled upon an enormous pile of snow. All the kids ran up the snow and in 5 minutes, the pile of snow was flooded with kids throwing snowballs everywhere. It was Edgar’s first time seeing snow.  He was so excited that he kept falling when he tried to throw a snowball.  After we walked through Strawberry Fields in Central Park we headed to a beautiful church called The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.  It was so big that we walked around and observed the artwork and stained glass windows. After that we drove around the city and even stopped at Yankee Stadium to take a picture.  At night, we visited a huge building, which is known as the Top of the Rock. It had a magnificent view of all of New York. The lights were so bright that you can see them a mile away.

                                                                           -Alejandro C.