Earth Week at Los Nietos

By: Gloria B. and Jennifer C.

Tomorrow is the official Earth Day!  

We will be giving out spirit points to all those who participate by wearing green and blue on Tuesday, April 22.  Wearing blue and green in honor of our great Earth!


Also, we are encourage all students to either walk or bike to school tomorrow.  With the raise in gas prices lately, this is a great way to save money AND not pollute the air.  Meet up with your friends and leave early to make it to school on time.  This is a perfect way to socialize and catch up with your friends as you walk and get exercise.


Lastly, we will be having a 1 hour black out during 6th period.  This means, we will be turning off all electronic based devices such as computers, phones, projectors, lights, iPads, and TVs.  We would like to promote making wise choices to save energy.