Surviving Middle School

Attention 6th graders!!!! Do you want to not get lost the first day of school?  If you said yes, then here's your guide to getting through middle school.

We think the one thing that everyone has a hard time with is PE lockers. Everyone always has a hard time remembering their combination. Make sure when you get your lock to practice your combination. Make sure you write your combination somewhere safe so if you do forget it you know where to go.

Make sure you buy your P.E. clothes early so you have the right size. This way you don't have to wear the loaner clothes. If you don't wear your P.E. clothes for multiple times, you will receive a detention or lower your grade.

A major thing to remember is to try not to get on your teachers bad side. Teachers are going to be stricter and not going to let you off easy. Expect more work.  If you’re in Mr. Jaurgui expect to be writing essays.

Always be prepared for the worst. Don't try to change who you really are, no matter what other people think or feel about you.

And that's how to survive middle school.