Egg Drop test @ Rio Hondo College

As part of our STEAM Academy's Math Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) classes students have studied velocity, force and balance while focusing on a series of engineering challenges.  The latest design challenge had students dreaming up ways to keep raw eggs from breaking when dropped from a hight of 6 stories.  On Friday, February 6th, MESA students and their teachers, Michelle Sanchez and Jackie Ramirez, put their designs to the test.  Student loaded their prototypes on the bus and headed to the L building at Rio Hondo College where we dropped the packages off the 4th floor landing.   Students watched in anticipation, from below, as Mrs. Tortarolo tossed their eggs  over the rail.  Upon landing, students carefully opened their packages to see if their eggs survived the fall.  Cheers could be heard from student designers when eggs  survived and redesign ideas were already being discussed by others.  After the egg drop students had the opportunity to tour the campus and received a goody-bag of Rio Hondo materials. Many Thanks to Mr. Russell Castaneda -Calleros, Director of the Office of Government and Community Relations for Rio Hondo College, for making this event possible.   We look forward to broadening our partnership with Rio Hondo College in the coming months.