Richard Riley, Secretary of Education under President Clinton summed up the need for innovation to drive our future when he predicted,

“The jobs in the greatest demand in the future don’t yet exist and will require workers to use technologies that have not yet been invented to solve problems that we don’t yet even know are problems.”

As we prepare our students for the future, using the new California State Standards our students will be asked to develop 21st Century Skills -Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication.  These skills will be tested again and again as they move towards the university and into the work world.  Here at Los Nietos Middle School STEAM Academy we are committed to preparing our students for their future!  In an effort to do just that, we are infusing our core classes with opportunities to use technology like chromebooks, ipads, mac laptops, Google Classroom, and web based programing.  We are also offering a wide range of elective classes designed to sharpen students' 21st century skills.  These electives include Project Lead the Way, Digital Yearbook Design, MESA, Computer Coding, Band, Visual Art, Cyber Patriot Club, STEM Pilot-Flight, project based science and many more. 

Over the past 10 years, growth in STEM Jobs was 3 times greater than that of non-STEM jobs.  80% of the fastest growing jobs in the US depend on math and science skills and knowledge.  As educators, we at LNMS STEAM academy believe it is our job to ensure that our students have more than access to technology we want them to leave here fluent in the use of technology to seamlessly collaborate with others to solve real world problems.
Click on the link below to see the info graphic about STEM created by Edutopia.