MESA Regional Competition

LNMS is sending a record breaking 12 teams to the Regional MESA (Math Engineering Science Achievement) competition being held at San Diego State University.  The competition will take place on Saturday 3/28/15 and include teams from all over southern California.  LNMS will be competing in the Egg Drop, GI Tract Science Model, Pre Algebra/ General Math Exam, Bridge Building, Algebra/ Geometry Exam, Speech Contest, Individual Math Exam, and the Prosthetic Arm competitions.  Several of our MESA scholars will be jet-lagged as they board the bus to San Diego, as they will have just returned from the Spring Break East Coast trip. 


Check back to see event updates and pictures from the competition.

Update 03/28/2015  Lissete Arreola and Kenia Bravo place 3rd on the GI Tract Project, San Diego State Regionals.  Congratulations, Los Nietos is proud of you! 

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