Chapman College was swarmed with middle schoolers from across LA and Orange County on Saturday 3/11. All had arrived to participate in the annual Chapman University sponsored MESA Day. The students worked in teams and challenged their rival schools in Science, Technology, and Math Events.   The events included designing the fastest Mouse Trap Car, engineering a balsa wood glider that would stay in the air the longest, and bridge building out of popsicle sticks that could hold the most weight. The premier event was the prosthetic arm challenge 2.1 which involved the development of a low cost prosthetic device that is programed by computer to complete a set of tasks. After a fun day of completion Los Nietos Middle School emerges victorious in several events. We will be sending teams to the Regional MESA competition at UC Irvine for the Glider, Egg Drop, Mouse Trap Car, Bridge and Prosthetic Arm competitions. 

Congratulations to our winners:

Egg Drop - 5th Place - Janeeva Torres & Mariana Becerra

Glider - Xico Reyes, Aaron Jimenez

Mouse Trap Car - 2nd Place - Anthony Gonzales & Jared Avalos

Popsicle Stick Bridge - Juan Guido & Cassandra Molina

GI Track Model - Nathan Jimenez & Destiny Valverde


Prosthetic Arm Technical Paper - 1st Place Jared - Avalos, Aaron Jimenez, Jessica Hernandez, Anthony Gonzales

Prosthetic Arm Performance Task- 2nd Place - Jared Avalos, Aaron Jimenez, Jessica Hernandez, Anthony Gonzales