Keep America Beautiful

 Los Nietos Middle School was the recipient of a Keep America Beautiful grant.  We have received several bottle shaped recycling bins to be used on campus to recycle cans and bottles.  LNMS ASB would like to do its part in keeping the environment clean and recycle all bottles and cans for reuse.  ASB students will be in charge of collecting and sorting the recyclables.  The school is also participating in recycling with our new trash hauler, who has provided 2 bins; 1 for trash and the other for recyclable items.  Students across campus are doing their part to sort item into the correct bins for disposal. 
In an effort to kick off our recycling efforts ASB devised an incentive.  BATTLE OF THE BOTTLES takes place twice a month with the winning grade level earning additional free time at lunch.  This promotion really inspired the students to get their drink containers into the bottle shaped bins.