SRLA off and running

For many of our students, training for a marathon represents the first time that they have committed to a specific goal. By providing them an opportunity for incremental accomplishment and a supportive environment to help them on their way, SRLA gives the students the inspiration, excitement and encouragement to accomplish their goal.  We could not do this without our coaches.  Ms. Rose, Ms. Chavez and Ms. Fontenot are LNMS's Leaders.  Ms. Sanchez and Mr. Chavez are our schools official SRLA Friends. 
On December 15th Los Nietos Middle School was visited by SRLA Program Director & Co-Founder, Paul Trapani who spoke with our student runners about the SRLA organization.  There are 3,500 SRLA runners this year at more than 75 school sites, so the fact that Paul made it all the way to Whittier was a great honor.  He asked the students to VALUE their Leaders, Value their spot on the team and Value their Community. 
Our student runners have conquered several runs this year!!
5K - Dodger run
10K - Dockweiler beach run
15K - Lake Balboa
1/2 Marathon - Holiday half in Pomona
1/2 Marathon Pasadena
18 Mile Friendship run

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